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There Is No Such Thing As Sun Block


Sun Block is actually a misnomer and now a word regulated by the FDA. The correct term is Sunscreen because no product truly blocks the sun’s damaging UV rays. The designation of SPF (Sun Protection Factor) is actually misleading with little difference between SPF 15 & 25 each filtering 93% & 96% of UVB rays, respectively. SPF applies only to UVB rays which cause sunburn. However, UVA rays can damage skin too, causing collagen & elastin breakdown. Products containing Zinc offer the broadest UVA protection.

Another misnomer on sunscreens is waterproof. No sunscreen is truly waterproof. Rather, many are water-resistant up to a certain amount of time in the water.

So be careful with misleading ads or claims on sunscreens. The general rule is to know what you’re buying & apply liberally & often. The truth is that most sunscreen studies done to measure SPF were used on subjects who applied a liberal amount. Most people don’t apply enough sunscreen & usually don’t reapply. Sunscreen must be applied every 90 minutes to offer the protection stated on the bottle.

When selecting a sunscreen, get more bang for your buck by selecting a sunscreen with UVA & UVB protection and also containing antioxidants like Vitamin A which may offer the additional benefit of hastening the development of skin damage & tumors & fighting free radicals. Products containing Zinc may also give the added benefit of its anti-inflammatory action which can be beneficial for those who experience breakouts using sunscreens.

Two fantastic sunscreens that offer all the above –mentioned benefits are Nu2’s Sun Protection 15 & Minus Sol (available in White or Ivory).

Nu2’s Sun Protection 15 incorporates the latest technologies for UVA/UVB sun protection. Our formula includes Z-Cote®, a transparent zinc oxide and Sun Caps® technology, in which the organic sunscreen, octinoxate, is encapsulated. Additionally, Photolyase, derived from sea plankton and presented in a liposome delivery system called Photosomes®, fortifies the skin by reducing inflammation from UV exposure.

Minus Sol (White & Ivory) is a unique product providing high protection against UVA and UVB rays due to the combination of chemical filters and physical blockers: Octyl-methoxycinnamate: UVB, Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide: UVA 1 & UVA 2. Minus-Sol is oil free (non- comedogenic) and will not clog pores. This SPF is safe to use on children older than six months. Minus-Sol is water and sweat resistant and retains its SPF for more than 80 minutes of activity in water or sweating. In addition, the tinted SPF (Ivory) can be used in place of foundation under make-up.