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What Is a Smile Lift and Should I Get One?


There has been a lot of press recently about smile lift surgery, but many people still aren’t sure exactly what it is or if it’s the right choice for their needs. What is it exactly? And who would benefit from it? This article will cover these and other questions.

The simple explanation

Many people have a distinctive frown on their faces when their mouths are at rest. Smile surgery actually lifts the corners of the mouth to help them avoid this look of being disgruntled or unhappy. It’s generally performed by plastic surgeons and can permanently change a person’s expression from angry or sad to a more pleasant look.

While many people mix up a smile lift with a lip lift, they are technically different. A lip lift doesn’t address the corners of the mouth while a smile lift focuses only on the space between the base of the nose and the upper lip.

A smile or lip lift isn’t necessary for every client

Many people don’t need a permanent solution and can instead benefit just as much from Botox injections. This non-surgical option involves injecting Botox to the corners of the lips. This prevents the corners of the mouth from turning down and lasts anywhere from three months to half a year. Sometimes patients will have Botox done on the frown lines of their forehead at the same time they have it done on their lips. Hyaluronic facial fillers like Restylane and Juvederm can also be strategically placed to help lift the corners of the mouth. These treatments work best when combined with Botox injections to give a natural and longer lasting result.

What to expect with a smile lift

The goal is to re-set the lateral commissure (the point where the lower and upper lips meet) to a more upward position. Incisions are made at those points on each side of the mouth to elevate the corners of the mouth and then sutured.

Who would benefit from a smile lift

Not everyone is the perfect candidate for this procedure but men and women who want a resting expression that’s friendlier and happier may benefit from it. It’s also a top choice of aging people who have lost some of the elasticity in their lips.

Biscayne Dental & Facial Aesthetics

Are you wondering if a lip lift or other smile surgery would be right for you? Then today is the day to consult with Biscayne Dental & Facial Aesthetics to find out what your best options are.

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