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Skin Tightening


Are you concerned about sagging skin around your face and neck? We now have a treatment that does not require surgery and tightens your skin with no downtime. This skin tightening treatment is called multipolar radiofrequency.

Skin tightening is accomplished by a machine that delivers radiofrequency energy called the 3Deep by Endymed. Radiofrequency works on the deeper layers of the skin. Without affecting the surface skin, radiofrequency is a safe and painless procedure that requires NO DOWNTIME. The difference between this and other lasers is that most lasers will affect the surface of the skin. It’s like toasting bread in the oven compared to heating bread in the microwave. Both will make the bread hot, but one will heat and toast the surface while the other heats it internally. Much like the microwave, radiofrequency heats the skin internally bypassing the surface. The result is that energy is delivered deeply into the skin which stimulates collagen in the deeper layers of the skin. As collagen is stimulated it tightens and voila…YOU LOOK BETTER.

Most skin care products do not effectively penetrate the skin surface. But just think if you could completely bypass the surface, go right to the target tissue (in this case collagen) and stimulate it. How amazing is that. Well that’s what radiofrequency does.

If you’re looking for tighter, more youthful skin, consider the 3Deep Technology by Endymed. Mention this article and get 20 % off your first treatment. I’m Dr. Julio and remember to turn your illness into wellness.

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