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Is Botox for Me?


Although Botox® injections are very popular and have a safe & proven track record, many patients still have concerns with the use of this product. As with any product, there are some risks, although minor & usually very temporary. The injection of this product just below the skin surface could cause minor swelling at the injection site & occasionally bruising is noted. Both of these symptoms usually resolve in a matter of days.

Botox® works by blocking the receptors on nerve endings that keep the associated muscles from contracting. When the muscles stop contracting, the skin over these muscles subsequently stops folding- no folding, no wrinkles…yeah!!!! This has a cumulative effect over time. In other words, the more consecutively Botox® is placed, the more those wrinkles are likely to diminish & hopefully disappear.

The goal of any Botox® treatment is to relax the muscle long enough so that it will stop the skin over it from wrinkling. Because Botox® usually lasts only three to four months in most patients, several treatments are recommended in the first year. Once the wrinkles diminish or disappear, the treatments can be extended from 4 to 6 months. This treatment along with a good home care regimen to prevent the further breakdown of collagen will give you beautiful, radiant skin for years to come.

For best results, consult your skin-care specialist who can give you a skin care regimen to follow. Ideal treatment should include a combination of in-office treatments with a comprehensive home care regimen. Be sure to present your budget to your specialist. Most are willing to phase out your treatment to fit into your budget.

Botox® treatments run from $200 to $500 dollars for most patients depending on how many areas are treated. The treatments last generally three to four months. For best results, it is recommended that most patients keep up their quarterly recall especially in the first couple of years of treatment.

At Biscayne Wellness Skin Care all initial consultations are free. Our goal is to discuss the patient’s concerns, determine their current condition, evaluate their habits & determine their budget. Upon a comprehensive evaluation, a treatment plan is developed & presented in phases to meet each patient’s goals & stay within their budget.