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Braces, not just for the kids!


More and more adults these days are coming in for orthodontic treatment. Braces are definitely not just for kids. Adult braces are very popular because people are becoming much more aware of their smile and have decided to do something about it.

Braces still remain one of the most conservative ways to improve the smile. Adults with nice teeth that are crooked or out of place will benefit greatly from braces versus a mouth full of veneers. But braces don’t just straighten teeth, they also improve the bite. These are the goals of any orthodontic treatment: align the teeth and improve the bite. Bite correction is very important in any orthodontic treatment because it is what will help keep the teeth in place years after the orthodontic treatment is completed.

Teeth are meant to fit in a very exact place. Upper and lower teeth should fit together like a jig saw puzzle. Accomplishing this will give the most esthetic result and will also help to distribute forces evenly throughout the bite. As we age, our teeth wear down. However, when teeth are properly aligned, wear tends to be more symmetrical. This wear occurs without affecting the esthetics of the smile. Malpositioned teeth, on the other hand, wear unevenly over time and will often affect the smile or cause uneven forces to be distributed to the joints.

Jaw joint (TMJ) issues are common in adults and more common in adults with an incorrect bite. To prevent these issues from occurring it is important to initiate an orthodontic treatment early. Although early treatment is advantageous, there is no limit in age to start an orthodontic treatment. The only requirement is that the teeth, gums and bone are healthy. Healthy teeth can be moved and aligned at any age. So starting your treatment now will not only make you look great, but you’ll probably look a little younger too. After all, what is wrong with that?

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