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Natural Ways to Keep Your Skin Healthy


If you want your skin to stay healthy and youthful for as long as possible, you know you need to take action. The good news is that there are a number of things you can do in a very small amount of time to keep your healthy skin intact. If you already see signs of aging, you can slow down or even reverse some of its progression. The sooner you pay attention to your skin, the better.

Here are a few tips to help you get and maintain healthy skin.

Avoid the Sun

Nice warm rays feel great, but having a tan actually indicates damaged skin. If you want to avoid wrinkles, you need to stay out of the sun. When you are outside enjoying a nice day, try to cover up with a hat or wear high SPF protection sunscreen. Exposure to ultraviolet light breaks down the collagen in the skin and accelerates the aging process.

Drink Lots of Water

Even if it’s not hot outside, your body sweats and loses water in a number of other ways. Adults need to drink two liters of water each day in order to stay hydrated. Your organs will work better when you consume the right amount of water and you will start to see the results in your skin as well. Skin needs hydration in order to reform broken down cells. When you take in sufficient water, your skin can repair itself with ease and you will look younger and more vibrant.

Exercise Regularly

Getting your heart pumping helps skin renewal because it promotes blood flow to essential nutrients in the skin surface. When your blood pumps through your body, the live skin cells below the surface are pushed up and that will give you a fresher appearance.

Forget Smoking

If you smoke, your skin will age at a rapid pace. You will see more lines and wrinkles much earlier than you would otherwise. If you smoke, you should quit for the sake of your skin and other reasons. If you do not smoke, but are around smokers regularly, that is not good for your skin, either. Try to stay in non-smoking areas as much as possible. If you are around smoke, wash your face with a gentle cleanser as soon as possible.

Eat Healthy

You may not realize it, but there are a lot of foods you can eat that will actually help the appearance of your skin. Foods with antioxidants are good for your body in general. They help fight disease and inflammation and they can also help your skin stay vibrant and young. A few of the healthy foods you should try to eat on a regular basis include: nuts, seeds, blueberries, dark chocolate, organic green tea, acai berries and more. If you keep an eye on your intake and try to ensure these items are prevalent in your diet, your skin will stay healthier.

Use Natural Items

There are hundreds of skin products on the market and many of them contain harmful chemicals. In order to be as gentle with your skin as possible, find high quality, natural skin care products that do not have harsh chemicals like the entire line of Skinceuticals. Read up on them and research the ingredients before you make a purchase to use on your healthy skin.

Biscayne Dental & Facial Aesthetics

If you are in need of any skin treatment, or would like further advice on how to keep healthy skin in a natural way, contact Biscayne Dental & Facial Aesthetics. We specialize in skin care and other wellness services and have a friendly and professional staff to help you with many different issues relating to skin, beauty, and health.