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Beautiful skin


Remember the skin is an organ. It’s the largest organ of our bodies. It reacts not only with our internal organs through our bloodstream and lymphatic system, but it also reacts with our environment. Healthy skin is a telltale sign of a healthy individual.

So what can we do to achieve beautiful skin? First we must nourish it. Feed your body the right foods. Try a green smoothie. There is no doubt that healthy eating will help promote healthy skin.

Next protect it. When outdoors, use SPF 30 sunscreen and protective close to shield your skin from the harmful UV radiation.

Release the toxins. Toxins that build up in your body, and are not excreted through the liver or kidneys, will build up in your system and eventually show up on your skin. Sweat once a day in order to help illuminate toxins through your pores.

Take the right supplements. Vitamins A, C, and E, zinc, biotin, omega-3 fish oil‘s, sulfur, selenium, and niacin are just a few of the beneficial supplements that can be taken to improve your skin.

Lastly, incorporate a proper skincare regimen. In the morning, start by cleansing and moisturizing your face. Then use a light sunscreen if you will be outdoors. In the evening, cleanse, apply your anti-aging or acne treatment product then a retinoid cream.

Achieving beautiful skin take some work but the benefits are well worth the sacrifices. To get your skin back on track, call us to schedule your complimentary consultation. I’m Dr. Julio and remember to turn your illness into wellness.

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