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You Only Brush the Teeth You See


It’s true. Brushing is something we do every day, at least twice a day. You would think by now that most of us would have perfected the habit. Unfortunately, we still see many people today who don’t brush very effectively. There are many reasons for this. First, they may not have great manual dexterity. For these people, an electric toothbrush is a great option. Personally, I love electric toothbrushes. It’s like having a chauffeur for your teeth. Secondly, most people rush through their brushing. Really, 30 seconds is not long enough. Two minutes is the recommended brushing time. This seems like an eternity the first few times you brush this long. The last, and most important, reason most people don’t brush well is because they cannot see what they are doing.

Let’s face it. Teeth are small. If you are standing arms distance away from a mirror, you can’t really see what you are doing. After all, plaque is a small, white film of bacteria that is attached to your teeth. How are you supposed to see if you have removed it all when you are standing a few feet away? Magnification is the solution.

Try brushing your teeth in a makeup mirror. Most mirrors come with some sort of magnification- 3X, 5X, or 10X. Find the one that is most comfortable for you. WOW! It will be the first time many have seen their teeth up close. It’s a small investment with incredible rewards. The best mirrors also come with some sort of lighting built in. They are usually more costly too but well worth the investment. Just being able to see the teeth you’re cleaning (and those you are not) will have a dramatic impact on your overall oral hygiene.

Besides just looking at your teeth, you may notice a few fine lines and wrinkles. The fact is you may see details about yourself you did not notice before. But don’t obsess about it. There is a solution for everything. Start with good oral hygiene at home and visit your dental hygienist frequently. Visit us at to learn more. Also, check out for all your skincare needs.

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