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Is it too soon for braces?


A question Dr. Julio Hernandez gets frequently asked is, “How soon should I bring my child in to be evaluated for braces?” The American Association of Orthodontics (AAO) recommends that parents bring their children in for evaluation around 7 years of age.

Age 7 may sound very young to most parents, but remember, this is just an evaluation. What the doctor is evaluating at this age is growth issues. Many kids have underdeveloped jaw bones. This lack of development may occur on the upper and/or lower jaw. The doctor at this stage may just note the underdevelopment and decide to monitor the child further or may decide to initiate treatment.

Treatment at this age or at any early age before all the permanent teeth have erupted is done preventatively in order to manage issues that may compound as time goes on. These issues may include limited space in the jaw due to a constricted arch. This may lead to crowded or impacted teeth. Treatment at this early stage is considered a Phase 1 Treatment and usually includes some kind of expansion appliance. Braces may also be used at this stage but are usually only placed on permanent teeth.

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