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Is your dragon breath a dental or digestive problem? We'll diagnose it!

Bad breath, also known as halitosis, is a common and embarrassing problem. Those that have it are usually not aware of it and those that don’t are usually too shy to mention it to someone else. Halitosis originating in the mouth is caused by sulfur gases that are released when bacteria decompose. The solution is to reduce the amount of bacteria in the mouth through brushing, flossing and elimination of cavities. For most people this is the solution. However, for others the problem comes from the gut. As our bodies break down food, first in the mouth by chewing, then in the stomach with acid, the nutrients should pass through to the intestines to be absorbed. However, when the digestive system doesn’t work properly, and the food doesn’t get broken down, then sulfur gases are released from the gut that will cause bad breath. Improving the digestive system is a complex problem that involves determining which part of the system is not working. However, a simple solution to the problem of halitosis originating in the gut is ingestion of parsley which helps neutralize the sulfur gases and prevent halitosis.
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