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Lasers in Dentistry- Precision Dentistry in the Modern World

A dentists hand holds a activated dental laser system in his hand. Grey background

Lasers have been around for many years, but many dentists still have not adopted this incredible technology for their everyday use. The likely reason is that lasers are expensive and require a steep learning curve. Since laser dentistry is not taught in dental school, most dentists who implement laser dentistry in their offices do so to set themselves apart from the rest and offer their patients a better service than the dentist down the street.

There are several lasers on the market that dentists can use to perform a variety of dental procedures including fillings, root canals, gum surgery, and photobiomodulation that helps with pain relief. Sometimes, one good laser with multiple wavelengths can perform a multitude of procedures on any one patient. Otherwise, dentists must invest in different technologies to perform multiple procedures.

The Erbium: YAG laser is the most versatile laser in dentistry. When combined with The Nd: YAG laser, the number of procedures that can be performed using a single laser is remarkable. This is exactly the technology found in the Fotona laser which can be used on hard tissue like teeth and bone, on soft tissue like gums and skin, and can be used around implants too. The Fotona laser is one of the most versatile dental lasers on the market and only a handful of dentists across the country have invested in and had proper training in this incredible technology.

A laser can cut soft tissue like a scalpel but more precisely and with less downtime and scar tissue. Multiple studies have compared the tissue response of laser energy versus surgical blades and have found the tissue response to be more favorable when lasers were applied. Lasers can also cut teeth without the need for anesthesia in some cases. This is far more comfortable than the traditional dentist drill. Furthermore, lasers can be used in a photobiomodulation mode where the laser energy can reduce inflammation and stimulate the energy centers of the cells called the mitochondria to flush out the toxins inside the cell.

Photobiomodulation is used by dentists trained in laser technology to quickly reduce pain from overworked muscles, sensitive teeth, and even after surgery to reduce post-operative pain. Imagine having a painless extraction that caused little to no post-treatment inflammation without the use of medications. This is all possible with laser technology implemented by top dentists around the country that are looking to provide their patients with exceptional care.

At Biscayne Dental & Facial Aesthetics, our laser-trained dentists use the Fotona laser to provide a multitude of procedures that will help enhance the treatment outcomes. Our office goes beyond the patient’s expectations to deliver exceptionally high-quality care. For more information, contact us at 305-572-1600.