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Treating Sensitive Teeth


There is no need to live with sensitive teeth. Tooth sensitivity can be caused by several factors including clenching, receding gums, cavities, broken fillings or cracks in teeth.

Generalized sensitivity is most likely due to clenching or grinding. Strong bite forces will put excess pressure on your teeth causing inflammation around the teeth making them sensitive. The best treatment is a custom made mouth guard to help relax the muscles at night.

Most cold sensitivity on teeth is due to exposed root surfaces. When the gum recedes slightly around the teeth, the roots become exposed. These sensitive areas can be treated using desensitizing toothpastes or by placing a tooth-colored filling on the exposed root surfaces.

Tooth sensitivity may also be caused from a cavity, a broken filling or a cracked tooth. Cavities and broken fillings are best diagnosed with x-rays. A cracked tooth, however, is harder to diagnose because they are often hard to see with our eyes and often harder to see on x-rays. Deep cracks can be very sensitive when they come close to the nerve. In these instances, a root canal and/or crown may be indicated.

It is best to discuss any tooth sensitivity with your dentist. Try to be very specific as to when the sensitivity happens and how often it occurs

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