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Smiles Say It All on Valentine's Day


A statistic gathered from an American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) survey reveals that people should consider their oral health before asking out that special someone this Valentine’s Day.

88% of Americans feel an unattractive smile makes a person less appealing to a member of the opposite sex.

“A healthy smile reflects a positive persona and attitude towards life, major factors people search for in a suitable companion,” commented cosmetic dentist, Dr. Julio Hernandez. “If a person’s smile isn’t as attractive as they wish this Valentine’s Day, cosmetic dentistry can provide solutions to most cases in as little as one trip to the dental office.”

Biscayne Dental Group is providing several services for consumers interested in becoming “more appealing to members of the opposite sex” this Valentine’s Day. As with any dental procedure, the Dr. Hernandez recommends consumers consult with their dentist before undergoing any cosmetic dental treatment.

Teeth Whitening: Whitening is a quick and effective way to make your smile look brighter. In-office whitening followed by custom home trays is the best way to get those pearly whites even whiter.

Braces or Invisalign: We offer orthodontic treatment for the kids and adults. Nothing looks better than a broad, straight beautiful smile. Call us for a free consultation

Bonding: This is a quick and relatively inexpensive procedure than can be used to improve the smile by closing spaces and recontouring teeth to make them more appealing.

Veneers: Not all veneers are created equally. Dr. Julio Hernandez will not only make you beautiful teeth, but teeth that match your face. Our goal is to give you a beautiful, natural smile that your friends and family will love.

We are currently accepting new patients and offering free cosmetic consultations. It’s not too late to get the smile you deserve.