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Why do We Fear the Dentist?


Dental phobia is a common problem. Many patients today share their story of some horrible previous dental experience. Many of these experiences happened to them as children.

It only takes one bad experience to create a phobia that could last a lifetime. Some phobias are so strong, that patients start perspiring just sitting in the dental chair. Our role as dentists has evolved to be part psychologist & part dentist. We do our best to listen to the patient’s concerns and try to alleviate their fears. We spend a lot of time at the initial visits just getting to know our patients. We talk, discuss their needs and develop a treatment plan that fits into their schedule and their budget.

We’ve come a long way from years past in helping patients feel comfortable. Our high-tech new facility offers digital cable in every room so patients can catch up on the news, the sports game or their favorite soap opera. Additionally, we offer a soft neck pillow & blanket. We also have aromatherapy neck rubs and give free hand treatments for those patients having longer appointments. Coffee and tea is also available in a variety of flavors.

So now think of your new dental experience. You’re greeted with a warm welcome, offered a hot cup of coffee or tea. You’re taken to your own private room where you lie back in a comfy chair. You are then given a pillow, a blanket, a neck massage and headphones to watch TV or listen to music.

As if all that is not enough, we also offer nitrous oxide (laughing gas) and/or a relaxation medication to help you through those longer appointments. Who’s afraid of the dentist now? Hopefully it’s neither you nor your children. We recommend parents bring their kids to the dental appointments as early as age five. Try bringing the kids along to your dental appointments so they can see what the procedure is like & meet the staff.

Always speak about the dentist in a positive light. Try not to use the visit to the dentist as a punishment for misbehaving. I too often hear mothers threatening their kids to take them to the dentist or have the dentist give them a shot if they misbehave. These negative images instill fear in children before they’ve had a chance to have the experiences themselves.

Make your child’s first dental experience a positive one and give them the gift of a dental cleaning on their birthday (make sure they get a nice toy tooJ). Start good habits early & create positive memories that last a lifetime.