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Have a Cracked Tooth? Here's What Your Options May Be.


Having a cracked tooth sounds really bad when you think about it. While some cracks can be severe and cause immediate pain, others may only impact the enamel and the very outer structure of the tooth.

Just because a crack isn’t immediately painful doesn’t mean you don’t need treatment, though. The fact is that a cracked tooth can lead to serious problems like pain and infection if left unchecked for long.

In some cases, you might even end up losing your tooth if you avoid treatment for too long. Don’t let that happen to you. Instead, learn what options you have when you’ve got a cracked tooth and see your dentist right away.

Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is a lot like filling a cavity. If you have a minor crack where the overall structure of the tooth isn’t really in danger, your dentist may be able to use composite resin to basically glue the tooth back together.

The resin used will be the color of your teeth, so after a few weeks, you probably won’t be able to see that the tooth was bonded at all. After dental bonding, you should be able to use your tooth as normal without pain or sensitivity.

Tooth Splints

If a tooth comes loose due to a crack, a tooth splint is sometimes used to help you keep that tooth in your mouth. Simply put, a dentist will bond your tooth to one next to it while the gum and tissue regains strength, holding that tooth in your mouth for good.

Once repaired, your tooth may need to be bonded to fix any remaining cracks.

Root Canal

When the pulp of your tooth is infected because of a larger crack, or simply one that goes deeper into the root, you may need a root canal. While this procedure is well known by most people, a root canal works to remove the root that’s infected, allowing you to keep the tooth in your mouth.

After a root canal, you will likely need another support structure like a crown to make sure the tooth can handle the force of biting.

Crown Placement

If you have a root canal as part of your cracked tooth treatment, you are going to need a crown placed on the tooth because it will effectively be dead. This crown will be made specifically for you and fit into place.

Over time, your crown will begin to feel just like a natural tooth. Most people who have a crown don’t think about it after a week or two of having it in their mouth.


When a cracked tooth is too bad and the root is deeply infected or damaged, your dentist may have to completely remove the tooth. For many people this idea is devastating, but one extraction, particularly in a back molar, isn’t the end of the world and a dental implant can easily replace the lost tooth.

Talk to your dentist about implant treatments if you need to have a tooth removed. Implants are much more cost effective today than they were in the past and the process is actually quite simple.

Biscayne Dental & Facial Aesthetics

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