TMJ Treatment

TMJ Treatment in Miami

Are you looking for a top Miami dentist that can help with TMJ treatments? Miami’s top general dentist Dr. Julio Hernandez can help! You are not alone. More than 15% of American adults suffer from chronic facial pain. Some common symptoms include pain in or around the ear, tenderness of the jaw, clicking or popping noises when opening the mouth, or even headaches and neck aches.

Benefits of TMJ treatment in Miami

Advantages of TMJ Treatment:

  • Many times alleviates headaches and muscle pain
  • Takes stress off the joint and distributes forces on teeth

Disadvantages of TMJ Treatment:

  • May require use of mouth guard
  • Treatment may not alleviate all symptoms

What is the TMJ?

Two joints and several jaw muscles make it possible to open and close the mouth. They work together when you chew, speak, and swallow. These structures include muscles and ligaments, as well as the jawbone, the mandible (lower jaw) with two joints, the Temporomandibular Joints or TMJ’s.

How does the TMJ work?

The TM joint is one of the most complex joints in the body. Located on each side of the head, these joints work together and can make many different movements, including a combination of rotating and translocational (gliding) action, used when chewing and speaking.

Several muscles help open and close the mouth. They control the lower jaw (mandible) as it moves forward, backward, and side- to-side. Both TM joints are involved in these movements. Each TM joint has a disc between the ball and socket.

The disc cushions the load while enabling the jaw to open widely and perform rotating and translocational movements. Any problem that prevents this complex system of muscles, ligaments, discs and bones from working together properly may result in a painful TMJ disorder.

What is the treatment of the TMJ?

Successful treatment of the TMJ requires a thorough and accurate diagnosis. Dr. Julio in Miami has over 20 years of experience in Orthodontic and TMJ treatment.   Because the bite affects the position of the TMJ, the most obvious treatment would be to initially correct the bite. Bite correction may require orthodontic treatment including braces or Invisalign. In certain cases, other appliances are used in conjunction with the orthodontic treatment to help improve the bite and the position of the TMJ.

Other treatments to address pain related to the TMJ include use of a mouth guard, medications such as anti-inflammatories and muscle relaxers, and sometimes physical therapy or acupuncture is indicated.

Ways to reduce facial pain:

If you are currently suffering from facial pain and you need immediate relief, you may consider the use of a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen. Also, avoid clenching your back teeth together. This could exacerbate the pain you’re feeling. Maintain a soft diet and place a cold compress on your face. Be sure to call our office as soon as possible to evaluate your symptoms.

Dr. Hernandez and his team can help identify the source of the pain with a thorough exam and appropriate x-rays. Often facial pain is related to sinus congestion, toothache or an early stage of periodontal disease. But for some pain, the cause is not so easily diagnosed. The pain could be related to the facial muscles, the jaw or temporomandibular joint, located in the front of the ear.

Top Miami general dentist, Dr. Julio Hernandez, can help you with TMJ treatments in Miami. Concerned about the cost of TMJ in Miami? Remember we offer interest-free financing in Miami at Biscayne Wellness Center! We want your teeth to last a lifetime and have the best smile in Miami. Let us help you make the right decision for your health. If you’re having a TMJ emergency call us at 305-572-1600 to schedule your free TMJ consultation.


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