Clear Braces


Adults thinking about braces now have an alternative to traditional metal braces: Clear braces! Clear braces are nearly invisible in the mouth and will help straighten the teeth and lead to a newer, revitalized smile.

Straighter teeth will not only allow for better smiles, but they also enhance the self-esteem and embolden one’s self-confidence. Clear braces are a wonderful alternative to conventional metal braces for adults. They are manufactured by computer technology, which means that teeth movement is predicted to enable wonderful results. All around, clear braces are an amazing new product and perfect for most dental conditions.

Conditions Treated with Clear Braces

For those interested in clear braces, it is important to note that while the braces may not be suitable for all conditions, they are best suited to treat the following orthodontic conditions:

  • Overbite
  • Crowded teeth
  • Widely spaced teeth
  • Crooked teeth

Clear braces are perfect for adults and older teenagers. They should not be used on children who still have baby teeth.  Some teenagers who have certain orthodontic problems will require traditional metal braces and only a dentist or orthodontist can determine who is a candidate for clear braces.

Advantages to Clear Braces

There are a number of advantages to having clear braces as an adult. These include:

• Appearance – While clear braces may be the same as traditional braces in function, obviously they are clear so they are much less noticeable. These are a wonderful alternative and give one the same, effective treatment as traditional metal braces.

• Self-Esteem – Many patients report that clear braces give them more confidence and self-esteem at work and in social situations. They feel that people are not focusing on their braces, rather, they feel that people are focusing on their smiles.

How These Braces Work:

Traditional braces and clear braces work in the same way: they gradually move the teeth into the correct location in order to straighten the teeth and improve the bite and smile.


How Long Does Treatment Take?

With clear braces, treatment times can range from six months to two years, which is about the same as traditional braces.

How much do Clear Braces Cost?

Clear braces cost a little more than traditional metal braces, but most patients believe they are a good value, because they not only get the smile they want, but their self-esteem and confidence is boosted during the wearing of the braces.

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