Oxygen Facial with Gold Mask

Red Carpet Oxygen Facial

Boosts elasticity, hydration which plumps the skin instantly

At Biscayne Wellness Center in Miami, we use a pressurized oxygen machine that nebulizes the oxygen and acts as a catalyst to allow a Hyaluronic Acid Serum to penetrate deep into the dermis boosting elasticity and hydration which plumps the skin instantly.

In just one 45 minute oxygen facial treatment, your skin will:

  • Feel and look younger
  • Your face will feel smooth and clarified
  • Nourished and hydrated.
  • Appearance of fine lines and blemishes is visibly reduced
  • Skin looks rejuvenated, radiant, and fresh.

Oxygen following microdermabrasion

Following a microdermabrasion treatment, skin is inflamed and irritated. Oxygen accelerates dermal collagen production through the stimulation of metabolic processes.

Oxygen following surgery

Surgical procedures involve the cutting of tissue and interruption of vascular structure. Blood containing essential oxygen for tissue repair is interrupted to healing tissue. Applying oxygen mist immediately after surgery helps provide essential oxygen to promote tissue repair. Patients heal faster with less chance of infection when oxygen mist is used daily following surgical intervention. Nebulized oxygen is recommended for greater penetration.

Oxygen for acne

The stand-alone oxygen facial can be used by aestheticians for the treatment of acne. Propioni­bacterium acnes is an anaerobic bacterium residing deep in the pores. It does not tolerate oxygen. Clients with acne outbreaks usually require several treatments until the issue is resolved. Penetrating to the depths of the pore often requires nebulized oxygen procedures. Clients may develop a comedone as bacteria is expelled from the pore.

Oxygen for rosacea

The rosacea client will develop flareups when under dietary or emotional stress. These clients will require three to six sessions to gain control of their condition. It is highly recommended that the nebulizer technique be used. Nebulization carries oxygen deeper into the dermis to get to the deep blood vessels of this condition.

Oxygen for skin healing

Topical oxygen mist is used medically to promote the healing of burns. The foundation of topical oxygen mist is a sterile saline solution. Burn care can begin with the application of sterile saline oxygen mist directly to the injured tissue. Oxygen mist inhibits microbial action while promoting accelerated metabolic activity and healing. The gentle nature of nebulized oxygen makes this application a preferred method.

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