Metal Braces

Metal Braces Miami, FL

Do you know what the difference is between metal braces and clear braces in Miami? Are you in Miami wondering how much metal braces cost? If you’re looking for affordable metal braces or you’re concerned about the cost of orthodontic braces in Miami, call Biscayne Wellness Center today. Traditional metal braces are becoming more and more comfortable and affordable and Dr. Julio Hernandez is the best dentist in Miami for braces! Metal braces are the most common type of braces and they are the least expensive braces on the market. In addition to being economical, metal braces offer wearers several other advantages.

Advantages of Metal Braces:

  • Straighten crooked teeth
  • Correct under bites
  • Correct overbites
  • Correct malocclusions of the teeth and jaw
  • Metal braces are strong and rarely break

How Traditional Braces Work

Metal braces are made of high-grade stainless steel and straighten teeth using metal brackets and wires. Although only one bracket is glued to each tooth, Dr. Julio uses a series of wires throughout the treatment to align the teeth. These brackets and wires will gradually move the teeth into their desired locations to straighten teeth in Miami and improve the patient’s bite and smile. The small elastic that holds the wires to the braces comes in different colors. The braces colors are changed every month. The patient can choose the braces colors from the wide range of colors we have in the office.

Metal Braces vs Clear, Porcelain Braces in Miami

Aside from the obvious color, there is no other real difference between metal and clear braces. They both function the same. There is no benefit to using one over the other aside from the aesthetics. Most patients select clear porcelain braces because they are far less noticeable than metal braces. In contrast, patients choose metal braces because they are less expensive and they are not concerned with the way they look.

First Time in Braces – What to Expect

Typically, when a patient first gets metal braces, the gums and cheek tissue can become irritated. The dentist will discuss several tips to help deal with this discomfort, such as using a saltwater rinse and applying wax to the metal brackets. These treatments successfully reduce pain in the first few weeks as the wearer’s oral tissues become accustomed to the braces.

With traditional metal braces, the brackets require a ligature, which is a small rubber band shaped like the letter “O.” This holds the arch wire in place. Sometimes metal tie wires are used in place of those ligatures and those tie wires are twisted around the brackets.

In the past, metal braces were a band that wrapped around each individual tooth. Today, braces are small metal brackets which are glued to individual teeth. This is much easier and less time-consuming to place on the teeth.

Length of Treatment in Metal Braces

Each individual case is different, so treatment time will vary by patient. Wearers of metal braces can generally expect their treatment time to range between six months to two years. If you are looking to accelerate your orthodontic treatment, we offer two options at Biscayne Wellness Center. First, The Propel procedure can be implemented at any stage of your treatment. Propel uses a small tool to stimulate the bone around teeth allowing teeth to move twice as fast than they normally would. This helps cut treatment time in half making patients very happy. Secondly, faster treatment times can sometimes be achieved with Invisalign instead of metal or clear braces. Due to recent advancements, Invisalign can now move teeth in different directions simultaneously allowing for more rapid and predictable tooth movement in less time.

What do Braces Cost in Miami, FL

Although metal braces are the least expensive option to align teeth and correct bites, there are still a lot of variations in treatments which will also determine the cost. In general, more complex cases take longer and longer treatments are more expensive. Treatment time is going to depend on what goals you would like to achieve. During the free orthodontic consultation, Dr. Julio will discuss your concerns and make his recommendations to provide you with a time estimate AND cost estimate for your orthodontic treatment. In addition, BWCMiami offers 0% interest-free financing for braces in Miami!

Why Choose Us for Braces

Dr. Julio Hernandez has over two decades of experience in orthodontics in Miami. He has treated thousands of patients and understands the importance of straight teeth and a correct bite. Dr. Julio305 uses his vast experience in cosmetic dentistry and facial esthetics to improve not only his patients’ smiles, but also the health of the joints and surrounding tissues for the best smile in Miami! Understanding that teeth are part of an intricate system, and that any change to any part of the system will affect the whole system, is why Dr. Julio has had such incredible success in treating even the most difficult of dental cases.

At Biscayne Wellness Center, we work with every patient to ensure that their smile is as glorious as can be. Schedule a consultation with us today to determine if metal braces, or another option, would be right for you. Braces are not just for kids. Many adults today recognize the importance of a straight, beautiful smile. We offer adult braces in Miami for every decade of life.

For the best dentist in Miami for braces call Dr. Julio Hernandez today! Biscayne Wellness Center is Miami’s premier 360 Wellness Spa conveniently located between Miami Beach and the Miami International Airport. For your Free Consultation on metal braces vs Invisalign in Miami, to schedule your orthodontic appointment, or for answers to your questions about metal braces in Miami call us today at (305) 572-1600! We look forward to seeing you soon.