Dental Implants

Do You Have Missing or Broken Teeth in Miami, FL?

 Do any of the following relate to you?

  • You are embarrassed to smile because of a missing or ugly tooth that’s noticeable when you laugh or smile
  • You have lost one or more teeth over time and it’s getting harder to chew foods
  • Your teeth are breaking down and falling apart
  • You have dentures that slide around making it difficult to eat
  • You worry about your dentures falling out around other people

At Biscayne Wellness Center in Miami we understand that, for many people, smiling is a problem because they feel they have unattractive teeth or loose dentures. Perhaps they need a tooth replacement and are very self-conscious about it. A bigger problem, though, is that their hesitance to smile reflects a lack of self-confidence. When people are embarrassed by their teeth, they feel the need to cover them up, and their self-confidence takes a hit.

THE GOOD NEWS: We are here to help you. You don’t have to worry or be embarrassed about your teeth. At Biscayne Wellness Center, we have helped many people like you achieve beautiful, healthy smiles. Dental implants today are strong, beautiful and affordable. We welcome new patients and offer a free dental implant consultation.

New Dental Implant Patients

Whether you have a regular dentist already or you need a new dentist, we are here for you and accept all new patients. At Biscayne Wellness Center in Miami, FL we offer a FREE initial consultation where you can ask Dr. Julio any of your questions regarding dental implants. We provide the latest in dental implants and want to help you replace your missing teeth comfortably and affordably.

What are Dental Implants?

Replace Missing Tooth with Dental Implants in Miami, FL

Dental implants can help restore a healthy, natural smile. When it comes to replacing one or more teeth, a dental implant is typically the preferred treatment.

Simply put, a dental implant is composed of bio-compatible posts that replace the roots of a missing tooth. These implants are physically and biologically designed to attach to the jaw bone and become the foundation for a natural looking replacement tooth.

These implants function as a replacement for the roots of teeth. Dental implants can be used to secure crowns and bridge work as well as dentures.

Dental implants are composed of titanium which makes them both lightweight and strong. One of the most important things about implants is that they are accepted by the body. They are completely safe and effective, so dental implants are the perfect way to replace missing teeth and improve one’s smile. When properly cared for, dental implants are permanent.

Dental Implants Cost

For patients worried about the cost of dental implants, rest assured that at Biscayne Wellness Center, we offer affordable dental implants. Our founder, Dr. Julio Hernandez has spent several months researching and negotiating with dental implant companies to lower the costs of the dental implant parts. Additionally, we use state-of-the-art 3D computer technology to plan the entire implant procedure. This allows us to perform the implant procedure quickly and predictably. The material savings and time savings are passed down to you, the patient, to make the cost of dental implants affordable.

Although we provide affordable dental implants in Miami, some patients may require additional procedures. If you need any procedures in addition to placing the implants, this will increase the overall cost of the procedure. Other factors affecting the cost of dental implants:

  • Extractions– if you need teeth removed before the implants are placed
  • Health of adjacent teeth– if there is gum disease of infections of adjacent teeth, these would have to be addressed prior to implant placement
  • Amount of bone available– there must be enough height and width of bone to place an implant. When there in not enough bone available, additional bone grafting would be required.
  • Proximity of sinus– when the sinus is too close to where the implants need to be placed, the sinus needs to be pushed away and bone grafted, this is called a sinus lift procedure
  • Number of implants– when several teeth are missing, multiple implants would need to be replaced. The number of implants would be determined during your consultation

At Biscayne Wellness Center in Miami, we offer 0% interest-free financing for up to 12 months. Take advantage of these low payment plans to help restore your smile.

Dental Implant Procedure

The placement of dental implants involves two separate procedures. The first places the implants in the jaw bone. The implants will be placed beneath the surface of the gums. The implants then bond with the jaw bone and this process takes anywhere from three to six months.

Replacing Single or Multiple Teeth

After the implants have bonded with the jaw bone, there is a second procedure. At this stage, our doctor will uncover the implants and attach posts to them. These posts are visible above the gum line and will then anchor the new replacement teeth. Dr. Julio and his team will work with a premier dental lab in the US to customize a porcelain crown that will then be cemented to the posts, so they cannot be seen.

The entire process takes from six to eight months.

Denture Implants in Miami, FL

Implant dentures, or implant supported dentures are much more secure that traditional dentures which attach to the gums and bone and tend to move or slip around easily. To support a denture, multiple implants are placed at the same time. After some initial healing time, a new denture is made that attaches to the implants. The new denture can be made one of two ways:

  • Removable– denture snaps on to implants but can be removed for regular cleanings
  • Fixed-Removable– denture is permanently fixed to the implants where the patient does not have to remove it but, if necessary, can be removed by Dr. Julio Hernandez and his team.

Implant dentures have several advantages:

  • More stable
  • More comfortable
  • Easier to eat with
  • Easier to speak with
  • Feel more secure
  • Don’t have clicking sounds

Benefits of Dental Implants

Lifestyle Changes

With dental implants, one may feel a new lease on life. Implants can help people smile again! They look and feel real, and function just the same as natural teeth.

People who are missing teeth can receive implants and go back to eating regularly. Those who felt their smiles were unattractive can start smiling for the camera!


The advantages of having a dental implant put in place include the fact that they can replace teeth without affecting any adjacent teeth and they can replace a missing tooth while helping maintain the bone levels of the mouth. In many cases, the procedure can be paid for with a payment plan.

How Long Do Dental Implants Last

Dental implants have been around for many years. There have been many long-term studies showing the success rate of implants over time. Factors that affected the long-term stability of implants have been addressed and today’s research gives us the information necessary to place implants very predictably. Implants today can last a lifetime. There are few procedures in medicine today that can confidently say can last a lifetime. If you divide the cost of replacing a missing tooth or teeth with dental implants over your lifetime, you will realize that the costs of these procedures are very low. A facelift can cost several thousands of dollars and will likely need to be repeated. Dental implants could cost a fraction of that and last a lifetime.

Caring for Your Dental Implants

Dental implants require routine maintenance just like your natural teeth. Whether you have one implant or several supporting a denture, your home care and regular maintenance visits to the dentist are critical to ensure the long-term stability of your implants.

Here are our top seven dental implant care instructions:

  1. No Smoking, No Straws– Smoking should be avoided because it removes the oxygen in the area and lowers the body’s ability to heal the site. Straws can’t be used for three days.  Any type of suction immediately following the treatment can loosen the blood clot and/or sutures.
  2. Gentle Rinsing– Using the prescribed chlorhexidine rinse is recommended for a limited time. Avoid alcohol-containing mouthwashes during the healing period
  3. Ultra-Soft Brush– Very gentle brushing of the implant area can begin 24 hours after surgery using a very soft brush and gentle pressure.
  4. Discomfort– Some discomfort is expected after dental implant procedures. Please follow the recommended dosage instructions for the prescribed medications.  Contact our office if pain or discomfort is persistent.
  5. Swelling– Some swelling may occur lasting 3-5 days. Use medications as prescribed and cold compresses to reduce inflammation.  Contact us if swelling persists after five days.
  6. Diet– In the first 24 hours, diet should be limited to liquid or soft foods. Avoid chewing on the surgical side for the first few days.
  7. Implant Follow up– Patients should see our doctor one week, one month, and three months after treatment until the dental implants become stable. Please contact our office at any time during the healing phase if symptoms arise.

Best Implant Dentist in Miami, FL

At Biscayne Wellness Center in Miami we have two of the best implant dentists in Miami:

Dr. Julio Hernandez, a graduate of the University of Florida, has over 20 years of experience and is a fellow in the International Congress of Oral Implantologists. His passion for helping people achieve beautiful smiles is evident from the rave reviews he gets from patients he has helped.

Dr. Derek Haber received his dental degree from the Ivy League University of Pennsylvania where he graduated with honors.  His passion for dentistry led him to the University of Florida where he received his specialty certificate in Periodontics and Master’s of Science in Oral Biology. His gentle touch and great bedside manner make him a favorite among patients.

We offer dental implants near you. Located between Miami Beach and the airport, Biscayne Wellness Center can be found on Biscayne boulevard and NE 23rd Street. We have convenient hours and offer FREE dental implant consultations. Ask us about our 0% interest-free financing. Call us at 305-572-1600. Our staff is available to help you.

Dental Implants Review

“Dr Julio, You are the only person that I would ever trust to do that much work in my mouth. I had a dentist phobia my entire life, prior to meeting you. I would have never believed that I could sit still for that long with anyone prior to meeting you and Stephanie. I can’t thank you both enough.”

Posted by Donald W

“Professional, up to date technology, incredible staff that are knowledgeable and personable, cleanliness and always great results. I have been a patient for ten plus years. I can’t imagine trusting my wellness to anyone else.”

Posted by John D

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