Faster Braces

bracesFaster braces use a special type of orthodontic bracket called a “self-ligating” bracket. Self-ligating orthodontic brackets use a metal clip or door to hold the archwire, whereas conventional orthodontic brackets use metal wires or colored elastic rings to secure the archwire.

As the name suggests, Faster Braces will shorten treatment time by four to six months compared to conventional braces. There are several other benefits to using these self-ligating brackets. These include:


  • reduce the number of appointments,
  • eliminate friction between the bracket and the archwire,
  • be less painful,
  • greatly reduce or eliminate the need for extractions,
  • give broader and more beautiful smiles

The cost of these brackets is slightly higher than conventional braces but the benefits far outweigh the costs. If you are interested in finishing your orthodontic treatment as quickly as possible, Faster Braces would be an excellent choice for you.

At Biscayne Wellness Center, we also offer Propel Orthodontics. Propel accelerates orthodontic treatment for both braces and Invisalign clear aligners. Learn more at Propel Orthodontics.